Better environment = better public health

The health service needs to work with the rest of central government and local government to place more emphasis on environmental factors which contribute to good public health. This includes urban design of public spaces, local access to more amenity facilities and green infrastructure (as defined by Natural England).

Research shows that nature experiences provide an antidote to stress and support general wellness, offering restorative experiences that ease the mind and the heal the body. For example, Korpela et al.(2008) showed that individuals experience a greater degree of restorative experience and lower stress levels with greater duration and frequency of visits to green spaces. Kuo (2001) showed that public housing residents with nearby trees and grass were more effective in coping with major life issues compared to those with homes surrounded by concrete.

Trees and other greening elements encourage physical activity which can reduce levels of obesity within populations. Research has shown that people that live nearby parks and tree lined streets walk more and are generally more active and healthy.




Why the contribution is important

This is would be a proactive approach to creating a healthier population. 

by AndrewIgoea on July 10, 2018 at 09:32PM

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