In May 2019 the Chief Minister announced the development of a Climate Change Bill to be presented to Tynwald in the next legislative year that recognises and acts upon the climate emergency that is facing the planet.

Subsequently, the Council of Ministers set up a dedicated Climate Change Emergency Transformation Team, led by Independent Chair, Professor James Curran, to develop a Climate Change Action Plan for net zero carbon emissions to be laid before Tynwald by January 2020.

A Climate Change Consultation took place over the summer and the responses will be considered by the team in the production of the Action Plan.

The Challenge

This Challenge looks to build on the great response we received to the consultation carried out over the summer.  Your input and views on the Island's role in battling climate change are vital to ensuring that the action plan that will go to Tynwald reflects the views of the Island's community, and is not just a Government response developed in isolation.

If the plan is approved by Tynwald, the next steps will be for the plan to inform the drafting of the Climate Change Bill, at which point there will be another formal consultation process for you to offer further input.

How to respond

This challenge was closed on Friday 18th October 2019.

For further information on the Climate Change Emergency Action Plan and team please visit 

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